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ZANZIBAR RENT A CAR LTD, an associate company of ZanzibarTravel & Tours Limited dealing with all car rental services within Tanzania and currently operating as Zanzibar Car Rental franchisee. In November, 2001, Mr. Daud Mohammed Salum, who was previously General Manager of another travel agency for 6 years and the present Managing Director of Zanibar Rent a Car & Tours Limited bought out the previous shareholders. In 2002 Zanzibar Rent A Car Ltd started operating officially in Tanzania.


To exceed customer expectations at every interface
  1. Empathy - Listen to what has heart and meaning
  2. Honesty -Tell the truth without blame or judgement
  3. Humanity - Show up and choose to be present for others
  4. Team Work - Binding together as a single force to remain strong and unconquerable
  5. Punctuality - Developing a reputation for reliability and excellence in all that we do
  6. Quality - Having high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution
  7. Integrity - Adherence to moral and ethical principles